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team aqua is still better than team magma

I think that my lack of recent activity makes the fact that I’m on vacation kinda obvious, so I just wanted to note this blog is going to be dead for about 2-4 weeks because of summer camp and other stuff.


I found a gold mine

by G0966


"Because it’s a curse."

Misao 3.0

This is such an epic game.

I’m sorry for the shitty gifs that I made.

Misao ver. 3 || vgperson.com



Sen has updated Misao to version 3! It revamps a whole bunch of things and adds others.

- A new title screen that “progresses” like the Mad Father one.
- Everyone got taller! (New character sprites, edited from the original “default Wolf RPG” style.)
- More talk sprite expressions. So Aki isn’t just gleeful about everything she says. (But she’s still gleeful about the things that matter - and in some cases, moreso.)
- You can now play as either the boy or girl Aki from the very beginning.
- You can now play through the true ending with the boy Aki, which is a little different - even some of the scenes you’re shown are different between male and female Aki. (Don’t ask me for a logical explanation for this.)
- New stupid and amazing deaths. It wouldn’t be Misao without them!
- A million more clues than could ever be necessary about who Library actually is. We get it, Sen. (One detail that’s unlikely to be caught, though: Try naming her Maria.)
- For some reason, the warp function just takes you to the library now, no choice for the student council room. It does more to encourage quicksaving, I suppose.
- You’re no longer told whose body parts you’re finding when you find them. Even though it’s obvious, and Aki immediately knows.
- Lots of other minor changes. There are more detailed animations, and generally, pointlessly spacious rooms were made smaller.
- The uniforms are… the same as always, despite that being the only known “planned” change for ages. Well. Okay.


i finally finished it!! it wasn’t suppose to take as long as it did!!

but now that it’s done i hope you guys enjoy it!


Mother’s Day from Plegia


Robin & Robin

have more crack// in other news I redecorated my blog with lazy painting of Chrom

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